EDMONTON -- Edmonton Eskimos kick returner Christion Jones has been released from the team after a comment he made on Twitter on Sunday filled with anti-gay and lesbian statements.

In his tweet, Christion Jones said, “Man ain’t suppose to be with a man. A women is not suppose to be with another women.”


The Eskimos released an official statement several hours later, announcing that Jones had been released.

“We stand by the LGBTQ2+ community and firmly condemn the language used by Christion Jones. There is no place for such commentary on our team. Jones has been released from the roster.”

The CFL also released a statement regarding Jones' tweet.

“We in the CFL hold high the Diversity Is Strength banner. Our league makes no claim on perfection but it does strive to be inclusive, to accept and indeed celebrate our differences, and to respect and honour human rights.

There is no place in our league for commentary that disparages people on the basis of their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.

As Pride Month continues, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community. We all need to say no to hate and yes to love."

Janis Irwin, NDP MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood, who is also an advocate for gay rights, responded to Jones Saturday evening.” 

Irwin said Sunday morning that she was disturbed by the tweets, and is concerned about the influence of Jones’ words.

“You know if there is a young queer person out there who is struggling with their sexuality, who may be a football fan and they see comments like that, that hurts,” said Irwin.

“That pushes them backwards and this is a time where we need to be open and accepting so I worry about the impact of words like that.”

Jones has since deleted the original tweet, and on Sunday afternoon, he apologized. 

Jones was traded to the Eskimos in August 2019. He is originally from Adamsville, Alabama.