EDMONTON -- Christmas is coming to the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Agencies have organized a Christmas Day lunch and turkey dinner for those using the temporary shelter.

Gifts comprised of socks, mittens and donated baked goods will also be distributed.

"I think everybody deserves to feel connection and support on any given day, and Christmas especially," said Scarlet Bjornson with the Bissel Centre.

The celebration will include a showing of A Christmas Carol and cultural programming including Indigenous drummers and a prayer service.

Boyle Street Community Services, The Mustard Seed and the Bissel Centre are excited to offer a warm meal to anyone in need this Christmas.

"Nothing is open on Christmas Day, so to be able to provide that for folks who would normally not see anything, it's really special. And it just shows the participants and people accessing the shelter that people do care for them," said Bjornson.

The Convention Centre accommodates up to 300 people daily.