The latest Cirque du Soleil show coming to Edmonton this spring will offer audience members a level of intimacy that’s never been experienced at a previous Cirque show, organizers say.

Amaluna is billed as an epic, emotional story of love between a Queen’s daughter and a brave young suitor. The story takes place on a mysterious island and the show itself is set under a big top.

“That’s how Cirque du Soleil started back in 1984 with the big top. That’s really the fundamentals of Cirque du Soleil, is the big top show, and being in a big top is something very, very unique because you feel the intimacy of being so close to the stage, so close to the artist,” said Jamie Reilly, company manager for Amaluna.

“You’ll feel very close, you’ll feel a lot more of the emotion.”

This is the first official Cirque du Soleil show to feature a big top in Edmonton, though Edmontonians recently got a taste of a big top show when Cavalia, which was created by a founder of Cirque du Soleil, made its run in the city in the fall.

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Amy McClendon, who plays a peacock goddess in the show, took part in an Amaluna preview at City Hall on Monday.

McClendon says the story, along with the impressive acrobatics, will appeal to all people of all ages.

“You go from the unicycle act to straps to juggling to an aerial hoop act to some dance to tight wire, it’s a circus,” McLendon said.

“You definitely walk away feeling like you had an amazing experience.”

She says watching Amaluna under the big top allows the audience to better connect with the performers.

“You definitely interact with the characters much more,” she said. “You’re very close to the stage.”

“The tent is magic,” adds performer Ernesto Terry, who plays a peacock in the show. “That’s why circuses start in the tent in the beginning.”

Amaluna features one of the biggest big tops currently travelling the world.

It opens in Edmonton on May 29 and runs until June 16.