EDMONTON -- The recent run of sun has people seeking shade outdoors, but the City of Edmonton is emphasizing caution for those visiting the popular "Accidental Beach" along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. 

Visitors access the beach in the Cloverdale neighbourhood via steep clay slope. 

The city warns the site isn't maintained and that water levels remain high. 

"We ask citizens to exercise caution if accessing and using the area. Swimming is not recommended. There may be hazards like debris in the sand or water as well as water fluctuations and currents," reads a statement from a city spokesperson. 

The city also notes the need to physically distance in compliance with COVID-19 public health orders. 

The Cloverdale beach was first created two years when LRT construction diverted water flow, revealing an unseen sandbar on the North Saskatchewan River. Its surface is sometimes sunk under water if river levels rise fast enough. 

The city rejected the idea of making the beach a permanent maintained fixture, citing costs and declining visitor rates.