EDMONTON -- The city is reprimanding Edmontonians for leaving used personal protective equipment on the ground outside grocery stores and pharmacies.

Edmontonians have complained about an increase in gloves and face masks littering the parking lots of essential services recently.

Jackie Holmes, a No Frills cashier and cart cleaner, during a pandemic, called the garbage a constant problem.

“People are wearing their gloves, going to their vehicle, emptying their cart, and then dumping the gloves on the ground,” the mother of five and bronchial asthmatic patient told CTV News Edmonton.

At the end of the day, she is one of the employees who has to clean them up.

“It's a risk for me and my children.”

One shopper said most others do what he does – dispose of the personal protective equipment properly.

But, Tom added, "There's still people in our society who do that, you know, and that's not fair to anybody."

Edmonton's mayor added the issue was "very disappointing."

The city is sending kits of cleaning supplies – like bags, a litter grabber, and gloves – to business owners to ease clean-up.

But it is also asking Edmontonians to practice more responsibility.

"Throwing them on the ground does nothing to contain the virus — it litters our beautiful city and causes extra unnecessary work to clean up."

Loblaws made a similar ask of its customers for the wellbeing of staff.

“Improper disposal of these items puts them and the health of their loved ones at risk… We ask that customers respect our efforts to keep everyone safe, healthy and fed.”

EPCOR reminded the public that personal protective equipment could clog the system if disposed of improperly.

With a report from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson