Officials with the City of Edmonton said they are looking at approval for a one-day event that would see a hill in Edmonton’s core converted into a super-sized slip and slide this summer.

Right now, commuters often go up and down Grierson Hill by car, sometimes on foot – but this summer, if the organizers are given the green light, that roadway could be converted into a massive slip and slide.

The event is called ‘Slide the City’, and features a 1000 foot long plastic run, covered in water, for participants to slide down on.

“It’s the same type of material as you would find in a bounce house,” Event Director Scott Ward said. “It has padding underneath.”

The event started in the United States in recent years, and quickly gained popularity – the event would also include entertainment such as musical acts and vendors.

“Grierson Hill is the perfect steepness grade, it’s just steep enough for people to get going pretty fast, but safe enough – we don’t want people getting hurt,” Ward said.

A website has already been launched for an event in Edmonton, but the City’s Events Department is still looking into whether to allow it to go ahead.

“There will be a lot of thought given to safety liability, access, connectivity, and public safety,” Mayor Don Iveson said.

As officials consider the idea, organizers said they’re also looking at plans to introduce Slide the City to Calgary, and possibly Fort McMurray.

If the event is allowed to take place, it could happen in June or July, 2015.

With files from Ashley Molnar