The City of Edmonton says crews will continue with neighbourhood blading, despite a pending snowstorm.

Officials said on Sunday that 75 per cent of residential roads had been cleared.

“The amount of snow that had built up on neighbourhood roads combined with the warmer temperatures this last week meant that our operators were often bogged down and forced to blade down to bare pavement in areas to deal with the crumbling snow pack,” director of roadway maintenance, Bob Dunford, explained in a media release.

“This along with the number of vehicles parked on-street slowed our operation considerably and resulted in these regrettable delays,”

Ward 5 councillor Michael Oshry said residents need to be patient but he also hoped the city could do better.

“We've got budget coming up starting Monday. Maybe the trick is to allocate more money towards it, but also we have to have a system that is more efficient.”

The Capital Region was expected to see up to 30 centimetres of snow as a storm moves across the province.

Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning Sunday for many parts of Alberta, including the City of Edmonton and surrounding communities.

Heavy snow was expected to begin in the evening and spread southeast over a 24-hour period.

The City said they would keep crews in neighbourhoods but acknowledged they would have to divert workers and contract operators to priority routes.

“We are committed to cleaning the residentials tomorrow, regardless of what happens to us,” Dunford said.

“We’ll bring in contract graters earlier if we have to, just to make up the difference on the arterial and collectoring network.”

Along with the heavy snowfall, strong winds gusting up to 50 kilometres per hour will cause blowing snow and reduced visibility along highways and other open areas.

Temperatures will fall to minus 20 degrees Celsius and will stay that way for most of next week.

Edmonton Public Schools will be open however officials have advised there may be bus delays. For more information visit the School Bus Monitor website.

With files from Sarah Richter