A month after the province issued a warning about potentially dangerous chemicals, the city put up a fence to protect residents who live near the old Domtar plant in northeast Edmonton.

The potential danger was found in the green belt behind Humberstone Road, which was a wastewater pond for Domtar until the late 80s.

After alerting residents, the provincial government ordered the city to surround the area with a fence to protect residents and serve as a reminder to the potentially dangerous chemicals.

The fence has made the situation more frustrating for Maureen Reagan.

“If you look out our back window, it looks like we're in a jail now. We've always had access to it. It was the biggest selling feature when we bought the house, that green space,” Reagan said. “This summer is going to be completely disrupted, but I'm worried about what we've been exposed to these last 14 years.”

The contaminants were found in the ground between four to 11 metres deep.

More tests will be conducted to determine if the chemicals pose health risks.

With files from Angela Jung