EDMONTON -- The city is again allowing Edmontonians to host garage sales startingJuly 3, despite concerns of COVID-19 outbreaks from a few councillors.

"It seems very risky to me that we would allow garage sales," said Ward 10 Coun.Michael Walters after the decision was made at a Thursday emergency advisory committee meeting. "Lots of cash exchanged, lots of touching of different items by lots of different people."

Walters says he's also worried about shoppers going to multiple garage sales in a day, increasing risk of spreading coronavirus.

Ward 2 Coun.Bev Esslinger said she's "nervous" about garage sales being allowed.

"Things could go either way on that. Ultimately most garage sales are in outdoor environments," said Dr. Chris Sikora of Alberta Health Services."I think if garage sales are to proceed, the physical distancing aspect should be something that is very important."

He advisedbuyers to wipe down any items bought at garage sales, and practice physical distancing or wear a mask if distancing isn't possible.

The city suggests garage sale hosts provide sanitizer, and ensure shoppers keep a safe distance.