A recent shooting at a south side bar has the city's safety compliance entertaining the idea of flagging bar patrons who have caused problems inside a bar before. The move would mean problem bar-goers would no longer be allowed inside city clubs.

The owners of Blush Lounge in south Edmonton say they are now trying to attract new clientele after gunfire broke out at the bar for the third time this year.

Officers were called to the club located on Calgary Trail Sunday morning after an apparent shooting.

That incident marks the third shooting outside the club this year.

The safety compliance team is now looking at adding bar patrons that have caused trouble in the past to a system that would allow bar security to scan driver's licences before people enter the establishment.

And if the individual has caused problems in the past, they could be denied access to the club.

"If you're going to act out outside of a bar or act up inside a bar we know who you are and you have been charged with something, we will flag you on the patron scan system so you no longer have that privilege to go to night clubs in the city. Those actions won't be tolerated," said Nicole Chapdelaine with the safety compliance team.

The team is now working with the clubs who have seen an escalation in violent incidents. Chapdelaine says they are not only sending a message to patrons, but to bar owners as well.

"It's not a matter of if someone is going to get killed or injured – it's when, so might as well nip it in the bud right now and deal with it."

With files from Kevin Armstrong