City of Edmonton officials said Tuesday that the use of electronic cigarettes is now prohibited where smoking is banned.

The city said the ban on vaping or smoking is in effect inside buildings, on patios, inside a public vehicle, at skate parks, sports fields or water spray parks, and any other areas designated as no smoking areas.

The ban also covers areas within five metres of a doorway, window or intake for a building or patio, and within ten metres of a playground or seasonal skating rink.

The City said the decision to ban the use of e-cigarettes like tobacco products is a proactive measure to address potential safety concerns.

However, there is one exception, testing an electronic cigarette or sampling products used with the device before purchasing is allowed if it is done inside a store where electronic cigarettes are sold.

The ban is under the Public Places Bylaw and fines will be the same as for smoking offences, the City said.