A city committee received an update Tuesday on efforts to improve safety on the High Level Bridge, and reduce the number of suicides on the bridge.

Edmonton police said more than 40 people have attempted suicide in the last seven years, and in that time, 29 people died.

“I don’t think we’re doing enough to basically say don’t do it,” EPS Const. Chris Hunter said.

Now, the city is looking at the possibility of adding call boxes or telephones on the bridge, with a direct line to 911, in an effort to provide a direct link to help for those considering ending their lives.

“We need to make sure the resources go in a way that actually have a difference, and help prevent people from committing suicide period, and not off that bridge,” Councillor Ben Henderson said.

However, the Support Network says the stigma around calling 911 for such a reason, and the proposed boxes should be connected to the Support Network Distress Line.

“They are reaching out for help, they want someone to listen to them,” Support Network Executive Director Nancy McCalder said.

“People say to us, they’re terrified to call 911 because they’re afraid, they have the ideology that suicide is a crime.”

Other methods are also being considered by city administration, including installing higher fencing along the bridge, or netting underneath.

Now, a call box of sorts is already on the bridge, although it’s not clear if it is currently in service – EPS said they want four new phones installed on both sides and ends of the bridge, with clear signage.

With files from Ashley Molnar