Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) reopened one of Edmonton’s oldest fire stations Saturday following a $2.2-million face-lift.

Clareview Fire Station 18, built in 1978, is now home to nearly 2,000 additional square feet as well as a new fire alarm and sprinkler system, ramp repairs, roof replacement, and station alerting upgrades.

Renovations also included the addition of a new vented turnout gear room to store contaminated bunker gear - which officials describe as an “added health and safety feature for firefighters.”

“We have a station-based deployment model and so all of our stations really are integrated, but having this station open, with the units at this location, actually takes pressure off of the whole city,” Edmonton Fire Chief Ken Block told CTV News.

“Our number one priority is to keep citizens, property and environment safe,” he added. “We are always looking at innovative ways to best serve our citizens and these upgrades will provide increased efficiency for years to come.”

Officials said the renovations have added 40 years of life to the aging infrastructure that had reached the end of its life cycle.