Patrick Clayton is expected to take the stand at his sentencing hearing Wednesday. He has admitted to holding people hostage at the WCB building two years ago.

On Tuesday, two of Clayton's victims read victim impact statements explaining how the incident affected their lives. Clayton pleaded guilty to bringing a weapon into the building in October of 2009 and holding nine people hostage.

The last man released that day told CTV News he sympathizes with Clayton and that the experience has changed him.

"A lot of times people go through their entire life, not knowing who they are, this gave me good opportunity to see who I am and at the end of the day I was quite proud," Randy Morrow told CTV outside the courts.

Morrow told the court he also has issues with the WCB. A woman who fled the eighth floor when Clayton entered the building was very emotional on the stand. She said she lost her job at the WCB because of the psychological impact of Clayton's actions.

"I often feel it would have been better if I had been shot dead," she stated.

Clayton's hearing lasts all week.