EDMONTON -- An Edmonton-based company has created a COVID-19 test that it says can produce results in less than a minute. And it will be tested on passengers at the Edmonton International Airport.

The clinical trial was announced on Thursday.

It is part of the regulatory approval process for the test, which was developed by GLC Medical (GLCM).

"This test is conducted with a handheld unit that takes a saliva sample from a person and is expected to tell if someone has COVID-19 in under 1-minute, compared to other tests with longer laboratory-based waiting periods for results," a written release from the company reads.

If a direct virus detection test is approved, it could help people feel safer and could eliminate the need to quarantine after international travel.

"This is an exciting opportunity for all of us,” EIA president and CEO Tom Ruth said. "All airlines, airports and the whole travel and hospitality sector are looking for this solution. If EIA can play a role in bringing new technology and science forward by partnering with experts like GLC that’s exactly what we’re going to do."

Testing will begin later this fall, once a test site is established inside the airport. The clinical trial will take several weeks to complete.

GLM rapid COVID-19 test