Residents in the river valley neighbourhood of Cloverdale are having a hard time getting a grip on roads and sidewalks, saying the buildup of ice is the worst it’s been in years.

In areas, a thick layer of ice covers the road and sidewalk surface, a challenge for Nadia Hochachka, and her neighbours.

“Last year it was like this, and this year it is again,” Hochachka said. “We don’t know why and the city doesn’t know why.”

“It’s a safety hazard for one,” resident Bambi Barnes said. “People can’t even walk onto their sidewalks because of it so I hope they do something, divert it, put proper channeling in so it goes out to the river.”

Residents said they contacted the City of Edmonton, and were redirected to EPCOR, which handles drainage.

EPCOR told CTV News they cleared out the catch basins this week, but said there wasn’t much more to be done.

The city had a grader go through a few weeks ago, but the ice built up again.

“I would really like them to analyze it and let us know if more drainage could help or not, and if not, at least provide sand and gravel so we can walk,” Hochachka said.

CTV News learned a gravel truck passed through the area late Saturday afternoon.

While residents wait for a long-term solution to the issue, they’re doing their best to make light of the situation.

“I heard that maybe Crashed Ice is looking at this as a potential site for next year,” resident Susan Yackulic said.

With files from Nahreman Issa