EDMONTON -- A drive-thru event on Saturday gave kids the chance to treat their moms in advance of Mother’s Day.

Kids from single-parent homes were allowed to shop free of charge for items from Kaleo Collective to gift their mothers.

The event, now in its sixth year, gave moms a care package to enjoy at home as well.

Layna Haley, executive director and founder of Kaleo Collective, said she never expected to be doing the Love Your Mamma event outside during a pandemic – twice.

“But here we are,” she said.

“There is no greater joy for us as an organization than to help a child give back to their mom at Mother’s Day.”

Haley added that the event always receives an overwhelming amount of community and support.

“We see a lot of watery eyes today,” she added. “The moms are really touched.”

“The kids love picking gifts for their mom. It’s so fun for them to get to come in their little shop and look around.”

The event is supported by many local businesses who donate gifts for the kids to choose from, including The Body Shop, Saltwater Bay Boutique, and Socrates Restaurant. This year was extra special because an Edmonton local mom and her daughter assembled 75 handmade gifts for the event, Haley said.

“Both the single mom and community-at-large really come together to put this event on,” she said.

Erin Prefontaine heard about the event from a friend last year and has been coming ever since.

“This was just super helpful,” she said. “It gives the kids an outlet… to contribute to their moms.”

Erin said her son Sterling loves to come and get a gift to present to his mom.

“If there isn’t a co-parent or another adult in their lives who can help them contribute to their moms, this is fabulous for them,” she added. “Especially during COVID.”

According to Haley 115 people took part in the event Saturday.

Kaleo Collective is a community group for single mothers that provides resources and support.