EDMONTON -- An Edmonton property care company is appealing a $5,000-fine issued by the province after an incident that prompted an emergency rescue of window washer left dangling from a scaffold on the Stantec Tower. 

Aurum Property Care was issued the administrative penalty by Occupational Health and Safety for operating a scaffold contrary to manufacturer's specifications. 

The company is appealing the fine to the Alberta Labour Relations Board, according to a labour ministry spokesperson. A hearing date has yet to be set. 

The Oct. 25 incident was caught on video that showed a suspended platform swaying in strong winds before smashing into the building and throwing a worker over a railing.

First responders were called in to rescue the man, who was left dangling by a safety strap.

No one was injured in the incident.

In the aftermath, questions surfaced about why the company was allowed to wash windows despite a wind warning in effect for the Edmonton area.

"This is an accident that should not have happened," Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan said at the time.

OHS inspected the scene the day of the incident and issued Aurum with two general compliance orders, and Flynn Canada Ltd. with one order. 

The province says both companies complied with the orders and OHS has ended its inspection activities.