One of the city’s largest aid events was held Sunday.

Homeless Connect sees over 1,000 people come out to access services they are not able to afford on their own.

“It’s basically services all in one location, all in one day for people who are at risk for homelessness or are homeless,” CEO of Homeless Trust, Susan McGee explained.

McGee said there were over 65 services provided ranging in government organizations to assist with forms, employment organizations to help with job searches as well as personal services like temporary dental clinics and hair stylists.

“There are very many people that come to Homeless Connect that aren’t homeless but living very close to homelessness or in poverty and come for some of the services that they need,” she added.

There are about 400 volunteers that bring the event together.

“You can really see a difference you can make,” first time volunteer Emma MacDonald said.

Bill Quinn told CTV News events like this one give him hope.

“It’s very difficult because you don’t want to be living outside. I’d rather be warm somewhere.”

The 35-year-old said he moved to Edmonton from the Saddle Lake Reserve in hopes of finding work and has been trying to build a home for his 5-year-old son.

“I want him back home.”

Quinn’s partner, Marie MacDougall, said it was a tough life.

“It’s really hard. It’s rough. Sometimes you cry and sometimes you just want to give up.”

This was the 10th Homeless Connect event, which is held twice a year.

With files from Jeff Harrington