Convicted killer Mark Twitchell may be trying to make some money while he serves a life sentence in prison.

A website claims it will sell artwork from Twitchell and post his words online.

According to the website, "The Voice of Mark Twitchell", artwork and sketches by the wannabe serial killer will be up for sale.

The site also claims that a blog will be written on behalf of Twitchell. 

On April 12 of this year, a jury found Twitchell guilty of first degree murder in the killing of Johnny Altinger.

Twitchell bludgeoned and fatally stabbed Altinger in a Mill Woods garage in October 2008. Nearly two years later, some of his remains were discovered in a sewer in a north Edmonton alley near the home of Twitchell's parents.

He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.