Edmonton’s Hansen Distillery has kicked off a one-year countdown until the release of the Northern Eyes Whisky product.

The distillery will be the first Edmonton facility to produce single-barrel authentic Canadian whisky.

"This is huge for Edmonton," said distillery owner Kris Sustrik. "No one else in Edmonton has made whisky yet."

In order to qualify as a Canadian whisky, the spirit must be barrel-aged for at least three years. Northern Eyes has been aging their whisky for two years, and will be ready to release the product to the public on Feb. 11, 2020.

"I've always had a passion for making spirits, so growing it to be what we are today is, I guess, where we're heading for," Sustrik said.

Hansen Distillery believes they’ll have 350 bottles of whisky available from the first barrel. They will be sold exclusively to Edmonton-area residents.