There will be a two-week delay in the court case for four men accused by police in crimes motivated by hate that occurred on Whyte Ave. last month.

Thursday was the first scheduled court appearance for the four accused, James Andrew Brooks, 25, David Roger Goodman, 18, Jason Anthony Anderson, 32, and 32-year-old Keith Virgil Decu.

The accused are believed to be associated with the Calgary white supremacist group known as Blood and Honour. Only three of the men showed up to court Thursday morning.

Three people were physically assaulted and others were harassed by a group of white supremacists on Whyte Ave. in February.

The charges against the four men come after the accused were seen handing out flyers to strangers about a white supremacist group. Police allege the men were involved in assaulting three people and directing racial slurs.

In court, 18-year-old Goodman asked the court for permission to stay with the co-accused telling the judge, "because of the stuff on the news, my family won't talk to me no more."

Charges against the group of men range from criminal harassment to assault.

With files from Bill Fortier