City crews were busy Thursday fixing monuments at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, damaged in a vandalism spree earlier in the week.

Workers repaired about half of the between 40 and 50 monuments that were damaged at some point Monday night. The damage was discovered Tuesday morning.

“Right now the biggest effort is to get them back onto the base, and secured on the base, so we have the crane truck,” Teena Changarathil, supervisor of cemetery sales and operations said Wednesday. “It’s easily a two to three person job, so it’s a fair amount of physical work.”

In total, officials estimate about $20,000 worth in damage was done in the spree – the most expensive repairs are to monuments with copper vases that were knocked over.

“We can’t leave the site in disarray like this, we’re going to put every single one back that we’re able to put back, and if there’s any further damage to that, we will be doing a physical assessment and reaching out to the families,” Changarathil said.

The city said they’re considering adding exterior cameras to the grounds as well.

Police are also investigating.

With files from Shanelle Kaul