EDMONTON -- The city is doing a mid-season check-in on snow clearing policies, after road workers sent an 11 page letter to council last week criticizing the current strategy, and alleging mismanagement.

The wild temperature swings this winter have caused slippery intersections and bumpy residential roads.

"I would like us to set a proactive standard that gets us ahead of this, because I don't think the freeze thaw is going to go away, I don't think the mashed potato snow is going to go away," Mayor Don Iveson said.

"I think we should stop building cul de sacs too, we were told a long time ago it costs 12 times as much to get the snow out of cul de sacs."

Council is also considering making it mandatory to move parked cars off the street next winter.

"They want the streets cleared but they don't want to move their cars out of the way of the plow," Iveson said.

More answers are expected to come in an in-depth update on the roads in June.  

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson