Officials with the City of Edmonton said Thursday that girders damaged during installation on the 102 Avenue Bridge in mid-March had been repaired, and would be reinstalled.

“The City and its experts are certain that this solution will be safe and reliable as we move forward with the project,” Byron Nicholson with the City said.

Officials said Thursday that three girders that twisted during installation in mid-March had been repaired – cold and heat processes were used to straighten them, and a section of the top flange had to be replaced on one of the girders, a standard practice in steel manufacturing.

“A team of engineers, including the contractors, the consultant, City engineers and the third party engineering advisor to the City agreed that none of the girders would be used unless safety and integrity could be guaranteed beyond any doubt,” Nicholson said – saying the City was set to receive documents stating the bridge would be safe through its 75-year service life.

As crews reinstall the girders, Groat Road will be closed to traffic between 107 Avenue and River Valley Road starting at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 15, until 6 a.m. Tuesday, May 19.

In addition, parking will be banned along the east side of 116 Street between 100 Avenue and Jasper Avenue. Officials said the City might have to close Groat Road again on the weekend of May 29 to June 1 to complete installation work.

After the girders are back in place, the contractor is expected to come up with a revised schedule, and a new anticipated completion date.