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'Demand is incredibly high': Wedding vendor prepares for influx of events as province reopens


Following a number of wedding postponements due to the pandemic, a wedding professional is predicting a busier-than-usual season over the next three years.

Alberta is inching closer to the announcement of Stage 3 and once couples get the green light, they will be able to go from hosting an intimate affair capped at 20 to a larger unrestricted gathering of friends and family.

However, a wedding planner from St. Albert told CTV News Edmonton her business is in a unique position. Sandra Bettina Wedding and Events is going from 12 to 18 months of pre-planning to 4 weeks for some clients.

“Our timelines have really shifted, the demand is incredibly high,” Sandra Cassios, the owner and lead planner, said.

“Original 2021 couples are competing with 2022 couples and then they shifted over,” she noted, adding, “Essentially, we have two or three wedding seasons all happening in one.”

Because of the high demand, Cassios explained weekday weddings are growing in popularity because it’s easier to secure services and dates.

“Most wedding vendors have more availability Monday to Thursday,” she said.


Cassios predicts 2022 is going to be much busier then 2021, in particular for those clients who don’t want to deal with the “unknown.”

“Will people even want to come to weddings?” Cassios asked. There’s still going to be some hesitancy, she expects.

As the province starts to reopen, her best piece of advice it to “still be flexible.”

“Be prepared for a smaller wedding. Small doesn’t have to mean 20… But, would I be planning a 200-person wedding in July? I wouldn’t.” Top Stories

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