The Canadian Death Race is a challenging enough task for the most elite athletes, but that didn't stop one legally blind woman from pushing her body through what many consider the toughest adventure race in the world.

The 125 kilometre journey through Grande Cache begins and ends on the 4,200 foot plateau and passes over three mountain summits while also going through 17,000 feet of elevation change. It's a monumental task, but 57-year-old Lorraine Pitt from Peterborough, Ontario says was determined to do it. 

With a little help from her guide Petra Graen and her best friend Barb Busch, Pitt crossed the finish line at the Canadian Death Race completing a 19 kilometre trek through Grande Cache with a time of two hours, 58 minutes and 52 seconds.

"I'm an inspiration to myself and I've proven something to myself that I can do a leg of the death race and I hope that inspires somebody to just continue on," said Pitt.

Her best friend was overcome by tears of joy as she watched Pitt cross a finish line that she could only see in her mind.

"Lorraine is my hero," said Busch. "There's no words, it's just tears."

Pitt lost her sight to a tumour when she was a little girl, but that's never kept the avid runner from enjoying her passion of running.

With files from Erin Isfeld