EDMONTON -- The Town of Devon is asking residents to wear or display orange on Canada Day to show support for Indigenous people in the community.

The town is asking people to wear an orange shirt, display orange outside of their home or tie an orange ribbon to the memorial fence at Holy Spirit School.

“As this upcoming Canada Day approaches, we harden our resolve to stand hand in hand with our Indigenous brothers and sisters and support them in their healing process,” said Ray Ralph, Mayor of Devon in a press release.

The town is asking residents to stand by their Indigenous friends and neighbours and to keep those impacted by residential schools in their thoughts and prayers.

In a statement town officials say: “We acknowledge the First Peoples who come from the land that we currently call Canada, and we acknowledge the atrocities that have been caused as a direct result of colonial policy, and church and state institutions.”

“Let’s continue to create positive change together and support one another through healing,” the statement went on to say.

The City of St. Albert announced June 18 that it would be cancelling Canada Day fireworks out of respect for survivors of the residential school system.

The Town of Devon is working with Elders to help guide the town in “a respectful way forward.”