Arson investigators are looking into an apartment fire on Monday morning that damaged several suites. 

Bystanders rushed to help a distraught man after flames broke out at a building along 124 Street and describe a disturbing scene outside.

"I saw a man was hanging on the third floor," said Innocent Mukiza. "It was so scary." 

Mukiza was stopping for gas at a nearby station when he saw the man. He says two other men had cut him down as flames continued burning above.

A handmade sign was visible on the balcony as well, but the message is difficult to see from street-level.

"Within four minutes, I heard the fire truck," said Mukiza.

A 61-year-old resident of the building was taken to hospital and remains there in stable condition. 

Crews arrived and put out the flames. Police say the building was evacuated and there were no injuries related to the fire. 

The incident forced the closure of 124 Street between 111 and 112 Avenues for about an hour. ​ 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.