A dog was killed by a bear in Jasper National Park last Wednesday, Parks Canada confirmed.

The agency said a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road to look at the bear, the dog jumped out of the vehicle through the window, approached the bear and barked at it. The bear then “responded defensively” and the dog did not survive the attack.

Parks Canada personnel responded and retrieved the dog.

The agency said the bear did not respond aggressively to the specialists or the pet owners.

Bears are common near roads and highways in Jasper National Park at this time of year, Parks Canada said.

The agency reminds visitors to keep their pets on a leash while they visit Jasper National Park. Failing to do so is not illegal, but it reduces the change of an aggressive encounter with a bear, Parks Canada said.

When viewing wildlife, Parks Canada recommends pulling safely out of traffic, staying inside the vehicle, leaving after a few minutes, and keeping pets secured.