EDMONTON -- A dog has been euthanized by police after an attack south of Edmonton left three people injured Sunday evening.

RCMP confirmed to CTV News Edmonton that the dog attack occurred around 8:30 p.m. in Beaumont.

All three people suffered non-life threatening injuries but are still in hospital, according to Mounties. 

“Judging by what we saw, it didn’t look very good,” said Ben Roth, a next-door neighbor who called 911.

Roth was inside of his home when he heard a commotion outside.

“I looked over the fence and saw the dog attacking the man on the ground,” he said.

“It was a very large white dog, very aggressive.”

Police told CTV News officers spent close to four hours trying to secure the dog, 

"The dog remained a danger and extremely aggressive and agitated," a RCMP spokesperson wrote to CTV News.

RCMP say the officers eventually made the decision to put the animal down, and were "devastated" at the outcome. 

"They established a continued risk from the dog, to other people, should anyone enter the home, or should it manage to escape the home. There was also a concern about the dog itself."

An RCMP spokesperson said the dog is an American Boxer and they have not yet been able to speak to the dog's owner. 

Mounties say both a veterinary and Alberta Fish and Wildlife were called and consulted.