Nearly fifty Edmonton establishments are being recognized, as part of a provincial program to encourage responsible management, and safe operations.

The provincial government announced Monday that forty-eight pubs, clubs, bars and lounges had been accredited under the Best Bar None program.

The program was piloted in Edmonton in 2010, as an initiative to reduce alcohol-related incidents, by raising the operating standards of the establishments, while collaborating with the licensees, law enforcement, industry partners and community groups.

To become accredited under the program, operators must comply with a number of criteria based on liquor legislation, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission policies and best practices in the industry – including security management, responsible alcohol service, first aid, litter management and compliance with regulations.

Some businesses will also be recognized with awards, those awards will be presented in a formal ceremony on November 20.

A full listing of the businesses accredited under the program can be found on the Best Bar None website.