Officials at Edmonton’s Rabbit Hill Ski Resort said dozens of people were rescued from the chair lift Friday afternoon, after a mechanical issue stopped the lift.

According to officials, the chair lift stopped at about 2 p.m., leaving about 34 people stuck – CTV News has learned two systems are used for their chair lifts, including a backup, and both failed.

“We had an electrical problem, and then a mechanical problem on top of it,” Rabbit Hill Ski Resort GM Jim Sutherland told CTV News. “Normally, the second mechanical drive would’ve got it all.

“[It] would’ve unloaded the lift and it would’ve been up and going sooner.”

By about 4 p.m., rescue crews had used ropes and harnesses to rescue people from the lift. No injuries were reported in connection to the incident.

Later Friday afternoon, officials said the ski hill was open, and officials hoped the chair lift would be back in working order by later in the evening.