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'Dr. Marie Milne' charged with unauthorized use of doctor title, fraud and forgery


A woman in Edmonton has been accused of fraudulently posing as a medical doctor.

Rossemarie Castro Rosales, 36, advertised massage therapy, holistic therapies and "quasi-medical techniques" under the name Dr. Marie Milne, police say.

In a news release announcing charges against Castro Rosales on Tuesday, investigators said there could be people who are unaware she is not a real doctor and may have been "'treated' by her in circumstances that may constitute sexual assault (e.g. genital touching under the claim of medical treatment)."

Castro Rosales was charged with unauthorized use of the title "doctor" under the Health Professions Act, as well as:

  • two counts of fraud under $5,000;
  • two counts of attempted fraud under $5,000;
  • three counts of false pretense;
  • one count each of laundering proceeds of a crime, obstructing a peace officer, forgery, uttering a forged document, and possessing a forged document; and
  • prohibited cannabis sales.

Edmonton Police Service says it opened an investigation after a document signed by Castro Rosales was used as evidence in a separate investigation in September 2021. Top Stories

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