EDMONTON -- A parade of one dozen balloon-adorned cars with honking horns helped the Lois Hole Hospital for Women safely celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The hospital opened its doors 10 years Wednesday as a medical centre providing obstetrical and gynaecological services for women in Alberta. It also offers specialized care for patients with high-risk pregnancies and delivers more than 7,500 babies each year.

A group of led by the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation’s CEO Sharlene Rutherford gathered in a nearby parking lot waving signs of support for the women and staff.

“We thought in light of the drive-by birthdays that are happening across our country, why not do one for our women’s hospital?”

drive by party, Lois Hole

Rutherford added, “I think it means a lot to the staff and physicians and support staff... They always work very hard. And it’s a day to really acknowledge their work too.”

With a need to maintain physical distancing, the supporters later took the celebration to the street. They honked and waved from their vehicles as they circled the hospital. Staff were spotted waving from windows in appreciation.