EDMONTON -- Edmonton driving ranges began to re-open for the next season of golf.

The Mill Woods Golf Club opened its driving range for the season on Thursday. Dozens of people enjoyed the warm weather and practiced their swings.

Golf courses were shut down at the start of last year’s season in March because of COVID-19 restrictions. Many re-opened in May 2020 as part of the relaunch.

Golfer Michael Sayde said it was an “exceptional day” for practicing his drives so that when golf courses re-open he is ready.

“I really look forward for that,” he said. “This is my passion and my hobby. I love it.”

Over the winter he worked on his putting in the basement of his home and is now happy to be outside enjoying the warm early spring weather.

He hopes that as more people get vaccinated for COVID-19 a return to normal can happen quickly. Sayde has his appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday. He longs for a time when he can gather with all his friends and family.

“It’s been a very rough year,” he added. “Hopefully we can enjoy this summer more.”

Bill D’s Driving Range recently re-opened as well and Canada Golf Card Driving Range welcomed golfers back on Mar. 5.

Avid Edmonton golfer TJ De Jesus said he looked forward to the day when the driving range would re-open.

“Mill Woods just opened up the range this morning, so it’s an exciting day,” De Jesus said. “Sunshine and lollipops is all you need.”

De Jesus added that his goal for the season is beating 80.

“That’s the goal for this season.”

Victoria Driving Range opens on May 25.