EDMONTON -- With daily highs expected to remain above freezing into the early part of next week, Lime has deployed approximately 80 e-scooters in downtown Edmonton.

The scooters will stay out as long as temperatures remain favourable, Lime said.

The two main e-scooter companies in Edmonton, Bird and Lime, hired a third-party advisor to come up with a better indication of e-scooter usage in Alberta’s capital.

Ride Report released its findings with data collected between June and October:

  • There were nearly 612,000 trips, with an average of more than 1,600 vehicles for rent per day. Most Edmontonians took trips Friday to Sunday and traveled around downtown, Old Strathcona, and other business improvement districts. Bird Canada and Lime e-scooters were often used to replace car travel, with more than 4 per cent of trips being longer than 10 kilometres.
  • The combined fleet between both vendors reached a maximum of 2,693 vehicles on Sept. 14, 2020.
  • Trips longer than 10 kilometres grew from 0.5 per cent of all rides in 2019 to four per cent of all rides in 2020.

E-scooters came to Edmonton in August 2019. This is the first time Lime has deployed scooters in December in Canada.