Police, alongside a local coalition aimed at stopping sexual assault, have re-launched a controversial poster campaign aimed at the offender, not the victim.

EPS said the “Don’t be that Guy” campaign had spread world-wide, since it was originally unveiled in November 2010.

The re-launched campaign has broadened its focus from alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults, to sexual assault of all types, regardless of a person’s culture, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Police said about 40 percent of sexual assaults reported in Edmonton in 2011 were investigated by the Sexual Assault Section, and of those, about 51 percent involved alcohol.

The message is still directed at males between 18 and 24-years-old.

The posters will be placed in men’s bathrooms of local bars and clubs, in LRT stations, and in campus and entertainment newspapers.

The campaign has been re-launched with support from the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE) – which includes a number of Edmonton-based advocacy groups.