EDMONTON -- It's another windy day in Edmonton and across most of central and northern Alberta.

For most areas, Wind speeds are expected to be very similar to yesterday.

(Exception is Peace Country, where they had 90-100 km/h gusts yesterday. Today's shouldn't be AS strong.)


Although the strength of the gusts won't change much, it may feel a lot nastier today.

Wednesday's wind came with some sun and mild temperatures.

We have some cooler air and cloudy skies to deal with today. We'll get into the upper teens for a high today.

BUT...for MOST of the day, temperatures will hover in the to mid-teens.


AND...while the heavier, steadier rain stays north of the Edmonton region...we'll see a few occasional showers scattered across the area today.

For the most part, these should be brief pockets of relatively light rain.


Wind dies down for Friday. We get some sun and temperatures back into the 20s in Edmonton and area.

BUT, watch for a risk of a shower or thunderstorm in the evening or overnight/early Saturday morning.


The weekend has highs near average. We'll be around 20 C on Saturday with a mix of sun and cloud (and a chance of a few hit-and-miss showers.)

Sunday's looking warmer and sunnier for Father's Day and the Summer Solstice.


LONG Range - Shaping up to be a warm first week of Summer with daytime highs in the mid 20s.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:


Today - Mostly cloudy & windy. NW 20-30 with gusts in the 40-50 km/h range.

A few light scattered showers.

High: 17


Tonight - Mostly cloudy & wind in the evening. Then...Clearing overnight. Wind gradually easing.

9PM: 14


Friday - Partly cloudy. 40% chance of an evening shower or thunderstorm.

Morning Low: 11

Afternoon High: 23


60% chance of showers overnight or early Saturday morning.


Saturday - Mostly cloudy in the morning. Mix of sun & cloud in the afternoon.

40% chance of a few scattered showers.

Morning Low: 12

Afternoon High: 21


Sunday - Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: 12

Afternoon High: 22


Monday - Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: 12

Afternoon High: 25


Tuesday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: 12

Afternoon High: 25