Friday was an historic night in the sky as Edmonton saw a Triskaideka-Micro-Harvest moon.

As I wrote last week, we were uncertain of the last time a Harvest moon was ALSO a Micro moon AND fell on a Friday the 13th.

Well, our readers and viewers went digging for the answer and out of dozens of answers to my question came ONE correct answer!

Triskaideka-Micro-harvest moon

Only Jason Kelly was able to figure out that the last time all three criteria were met was Friday, Sept. 13, 1715.

So it’s been a little over 300 years since we had a Triskaideka-Micro-Harvest moon, and it will likely take another few centuries to get the next one.

In case you’re curious…

  • The last Harvest moon on a Friday the 13th (Triskaideka-Harvest moon) was in 1876.
  • The last Micro moon on a Friday the 13th (Triskaideka-Micro moon) was in 1832.