EDMONTON -- Occasional pockets of rain/snow mix in the Edmonton area early this morning.

Most of today should just be cloudy and we'll get to a high of about 7 degrees.

Then, later in the afternoon...a good chance of some scattered showers pushing through the region.


Further north, 5-10 cm of snow is expected from the Peace Country east towards Bonnyville.

The southern edge of that snow zone should be somewhere between Westlock/Athabasca and Morinville.

South of that line, no significant accumulation is expected.

The north edge of the heavier snow stretches all the way up to Fort McMurray.

Most of that snow will be done by late today in the NW.  NE Alberta may see it linger into early Saturday.


Partly cloudy skies for much of the province on Saturday with daytime highs in the 1 to 5 degree range across northern AB.

5 to 10 degree highs for central and southern AB.

Edmonton should get to the 6 or 7 degree range for a daytime high with a 10-20 km/h breeze.

Gusty wind is forecast for tonight, but it should ease by early Saturday morning.


Daylight Saving Time ENDS this weekend.  Clocks go back 1 hour Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Temperatures are still expected to shoot up into the 10 to 15 degree range in Edmonton and area Sun/Mon/Tue.

But, watch for the crash after. Daytime highs could go from the teens on Monday to below zero by Friday.



  • Today - Cloudy with occasional rain/snow mix this morning.
  • 70% chance of a shower this afternoon.
  • High:  7
  • Tonight - Mostly cloudy & windy.  WNW 30 gusting to 60 km/h
  • 9pm:  1
  • Saturday - Partly cloudy.  
  • Wind easing early in the morning.  WSW 10-20 km/h through the day.
  • Morning Low:  -2
  • Afternoon High:  6
  • Sunday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -1
  • Afternoon High:  12
  • Monday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  1
  • Afternoon High:  14
  • Tuesday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of evening showers.
  • Morning Low:  2
  • Afternoon High:  11 
  • Wednesday - Mix of sun & cloud.  30% chance of evening flurries/snow.
  • Morning Low:  -1
  • Afternoon High:  6