The attached map shows the cold front poised to smash through the Edmonton area between 6 & 9pm.
That front will bring thunderstorms to many areas & severe thunderstorms are a distinct possibility.
More on that risk in a moment.

Behind the front, temperatures will cool considerably for the rest of the week.
Daytime high will drop into the low to mid 20s for Wed-Thu-Fri.

Ahead of the front, most of Alberta is locked into another hot, humid day.
Record daytime highs were set in many areas around the province yesterday & more records will likely fall today.
No new record highs for downtown Edmonton.  The record highs of 35.6 & 36.7 from July 1 & 2, 1924 will remain.
However, it's going to FEEL like a record-setter today.
A humidex advisory is in effect for much of the province.  It will FEEL closer to 40 in many areas.

That combination of heat, humidity & then the colder, drier air behind the cold front will brew up some powerful storms later today.
Severe thunderstorm advisories will likely be issued by late morning, however, the storms won't fire up until this afternoon.
For the Capital Region, the highest risk is early this evening.
The main threat from these storms appears to be large hail (maybe loonie to twoonie-sized) & powerful wind gusts.
We'll be on the lookout for potentially damaging wind speeds of 80 to 100km/h.
Start securing patio furniture & other outdoor items by early to mid afternoon.

I'll be monitoring the situation & providing updates throughout the day via Twitter & Facebook.
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One more interesting factoid for you:
It looks like (as of writing this) Edmonton's morning LOW will be 21 degrees.
Since 1880, this is just the 11th time our low has been 20C or above.
(it last happened on the 14th & 19th of July 2007)

Here's the Edmonton forecast:

Today - Mainly sunny.
High:  32 (feeling near 40 with humidity.

Tonight - Thunderstorms this evening.  Risk of large hail and damaging wind gusts.
Loonie to Twoonie-sized hail & gusts between 80 & 100km/h are possible.
Low:  14

Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
High:  25

Thursday - Mostly cloudy.  60% chance of showers.
Morning Low:  12
Afternoon High:  23

Friday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  11
Afternoon High:  23

Saturday - Mix of sun & cloud.  30% chance of showers.
Morning Low:  12
Afternoon High:  22

Sunday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  12
Afternoon High:  26