An Extreme Cold Warning remains in effect for parts of Central and Northern Alberta.
There are a few spots with 15-20km/h wind & temperature in the -30s this morning.
Those spots are getting wind chill in the -40s.

However, most areas will NOT get wind chill in the -40s this morning.
In the City of Edmonton...that warning should've been cancelled long ago.
(But, I don't have the power to issue or end watches/warnings.)

For most areas, the wind is either light or temperatures are "warm" enough that wind chill is either non-existent or in the -30s.
So, not quite Extreme Cold territory.  But...that's not to say it won't be cold.
It'll still be COLD today.  Wind picks up to 15-20km/h this afternoon and most of Central & NW Alberta will get wind chill in the -20s.
In E-Ctl & NE Alberta...wind chill will be in the -30s most of the afternoon.

Warmer air starts to push in from the west on Friday & you'll notice a BIG difference in how it "feels" outside.
By the weekend, we're still expecting highs near or above zero.

Here's the Edmonton forecast:

Today - Partly cloudy.
Wind:  Light this morning.  W 10-20km/h this afternoon.
High:  -14
Wind chill in -20s most of the afternoon.

Tonight - Partly cloudy.  Wind easing through the evening.
Evening: -18

Temperature rising overnight.

Friday - Mainly sunny.
Morning:  -13
Afternoon High:  -7

Saturday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -12
Afternoon High:  -1

Sunday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -5
Afternoon High:  2  

Monday - Mix of sun & cloud.
Morning Low:  -2
Afternoon High:  5

Tuesday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -1
Afternoon High:  3