Warm and some sun today.  THEN...a cooling trend begins.

The overall pattern in the forecast has held steady over the past few days.

Edmonton Metro Region gets a couple degrees above zero this afternoon.

I have -1 in the forecast for Thursday and then colder for Fri/the weekend/next week.

Today will probably be our last day above zero in 2018 (there's an outside chance tomorrow. But, it looks unlikely).


Afternoon High will drop to the -5 range Friday and then the -5 to -10 range for the weekend.

Next week: highs in the -10 to -15 range.


That continues a recent "Cold for Christmas" trend.

The long-term average high for Dec 25th is -2.4 degrees.

HOWEVER...the past 10 years have had an average high of -10 on Christmas Day in Edmonton.

Here's a look at the Christmas Day Highs for the past decade:

2017:  -19

2016:  -14

2015:  -13

2014:  -8

2013:  +3

2012:  -21

2011:  +7

2010:  -10

2009:  -8

2008:  -17


This year - we'll VERY likely be -10 or colder again.  

AND...keep an eye on the risk of snow for early next week if you have travel plans.




Here's the Edmonton forecast:



Today - Sunny with a few clouds.

High:  3



Evening - Partly cloudy.

9pm:  -4



Thursday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of flurries late in the evening.

Morning Low:  -8

Afternoon High:  -1



Friday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of flurries.


Morning Low:  -9

Afternoon High:  -4



Saturday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low:  -10

Afternoon High:  -7



Sunday - Mostly cloudy.

Morning Low:  -13

Afternoon High:  -8



Monday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of flurries.

Morning Low:  -14

Afternoon High:  -9​