EDMONTON -- An Edmonton artist is helping people find a unique way to show off their holiday spirit, with a new twist on an ugly trend.  

"Even ugly Christmas sweaters can be provocative, you know," Sheldon Cybak of Dair Dezines said. "It's time to kick it up a level, let's do this."

Cybak's seasonal specialty is ugly Christmas sweater body paint.

From reindeer and gingerbread men to stars and snowflakes, he brings his vision to life with layers of airbrushed paint and stencils.

"The more curves, the more challenging it is," he said. "You have to accentuate and work with the curves as well, because when you're looking at it after the art piece is done, your eye needs to flow nicely through it."

Each unique creation takes about half an hour to complete.

And though it may seem like it takes a certain type of person to wear nothing but paint, Cybak said modesty gives way to confidence once the "garment" is complete.

"They have that feeling that they're wearing a shirt so all that nervousness, that tension, anxiety's gone and they actually feel great about it," he said.

The custom art certainly reveals a lot of Christmas spirit.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Bill Fortier