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Edmonton-born actor lands role in Hollywood film 'Priscilla'

A man who was born and raised in Edmonton is one of the actors who appeared in the biopic Priscilla, documenting the early relationship between Elvis Presley, and his future wife Priscilla Beaulieu.

Tim Dowler-Coltman plays Red in the film, a Memphis Mafia member who befriends Priscilla.

"I play sort of an inspiration of one of the Memphis Mafia members. His name is Red West," Dowler-Coltman told CTV News Edmonton from his home in Toronto on Thursday.

The Memphis Mafia was the nickname given to a group of men who were friends with Elvis from the beginning of his career until his death in 1977.

"There's luckily some amazing documentary footage from the time where they're always in the background. They're always making jokes, lifting Elvis up, and there's some amazing stories just about what Elvis was to them."

He says working with Sofia Coppola, who directed the film, has been one of the highlights of his career.

"She just is so phenomenal in what she does," he said.

"She brings the whole community together from every single department. Everyone is working together, she has music playing throughout the filming process as well, which is really amazing."

Tim Dowler-Coltman on the set of "Priscilla." (Source: @timbitdc/Instagram)

Dowler-Coltman has been acting all his life.

He's appeared in numerous plays and a handful of TV shows and movies, including Murdoch Mysteries and The Expanse.

He spent the last seven years in Toronto pursuing his career, but he grew up in Edmonton, and graduated from Victoria School of the Arts in 2013.

"I would attribute most of that to Victoria School and what they're fostering within the arts being an integral piece of their education process," he said.

"What they're able to foster within that school, really is unique. There's not a lot of schools that either have the funding, the space, nor the ability to offer students the opportunity to perform on a live stage."

Joanne Lowry was Dowler-Coltman's dance teacher at Victoria School.

"It was absolutely no surprise that Tim booked this job. I see a great future for him. Such a great opportunity when Hollywood came to Canada to be able to give Canadian actors that chance to be on the big screen, and they're lucky to have him."

Lowry says in the 29 years she's been at Victoria School she's seen a number of students go on to big opportunities.

"It's great for our students that are currently here at Victoria School to be able to see those students, and know that they came here. They were once just like them, and that's what they can achieve."

Priscilla is now showing at theatres everywhere.

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