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Edmonton breaks heat record for July 8


The City of Edmonton has set a new daily record high temperature.

Edmonton hit a high temperature of 32.6 C, beating the previous July 8 record high of 32.2 C.

Looking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday, there's a chance we'll see three consecutive days of record-breaking heat.

July 9's record high is 34.1 C in 2015. We'll get to a high of 33-34 C on Tuesday.

July 10's record high of 33.5 C from 2001 is almost certain to fall as the afternoon high is expected to be from 33-36 C.

Temperatures will likely drop out of the 30s for Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Edmonton. However, we're still anticipating warmer-than-average temperatures as afternoon highs are forecast to be in the upper 20s.