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Edmonton bringing back public water bottle filling stations


For the third summer in a row, the city is setting up water bottle filling stations to make sure Edmontonians have access to clean, safe drinking water.

The stations are attached to fire hydrants and are located near public city washrooms wherever possible.

The city said on Friday installation was underway and the following 17 sites are expected to be operational by Saturday:


  • Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park (109 Avenue and 107 Street)
  • Kinistinâw Park (102 Avenue and 96 Street)
  • Boyle Street Community Services (105 Avenue and 102 Street)
  • Bissell Centre (96 Street and 105 Avenue)
  • Sheriff Robertson Park (82 Street and 112 Avenue)
  • Stanley A. Milner Library (by front entrance, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square)


  • Butler Park
  • Callingwood Park
  • Unity Square (104 Avenue and 117 Street)

North and northeast

  • Parkdale Plaza (118 Avenue and 82 Street)
  • Clareview Transit Station
  • Mosaic Centre (65 Street and 132 Avenue)
  • Niginan Housing Ventures (12340 Fort Road)
  • Beverly Heights (118 Avenue between 34-35 Street)


  • Southgate Transit Centre
  • McIntyre Park/Old Strathcona Farmers Market
  • Mill Woods Transit Station

An additional three stations will be installed where demand is high.

The city says some design improvements have been made this year, including adding a stainless steel guard to each faucet to enhance water safety.

Water bottle filling stations can also be accessed at LRT and transit centres. Top Stories

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