A coffee shop in south Edmonton was broken into Wednesday night and the entire incident was caught on camera.

“This is a passion and it kind of sucks when someone comes and ruins that,” said Christine Gossain, Crum Coffee Bar owner.

In the surveillance video, the thief can be seen breaking the glass door to get inside.

“The way he ran in he went past this till, he was looking for it on this side so he was just frantically looking for it. If you’ve been here before you know that it’s here.”

Gossain said the man also took coffee beans and flavoured syrups – then went for some of the more expensive merchandise they sell.

“So French presses, hand grinders, you know the pour over kits so those guys are $200 plus, so he was just picking those out piling them up in his hands and then go back to his car if you watch the footage, and came back I think four times.”

Gossain said the thief had good taste in coffee and coffee products, but questioned his fashion taste.

“Uh, I hate fedoras,” she said. “It solidifies my hate for fedoras.”

Still, she hopes the fedora may help identify the thief.  She shared the surveillance video on social media hoping someone might recognize the man and as a way to warn other businesses in the area.

“Financially, obviously it’s a big hit but it’s just so annoying that you know you think about it emotionally that you’re a business owner and you work so hard, you’re here day and night and then a person can come in within two minutes and just come and ruin that.”

With files from David Ewasuk…