Airbnb hosts may soon require a business licence to operate in Edmonton.

The city’s urban planning committee is looking at implementing business licencing requirements for the operation of short-term rental services, such as Airbnb.

The committee is recommending property owners obtain a Short-Term Residential Rental Accommodation business licence if the premises is rented out for 30 consecutive days or less. The licences would cost $92.

The proposed licencing is expected to generate nearly $200,000 in additional revenue for the city.

According to the report, Edmonton's short-term rental industry has grown significantly in the last five years. In 2014, there were 44 short-term rental listings. In May of this year, there were over 2,000, many of which are downtown.

Collectively, they generate an annual revenue of an estimated $ 6.9 million dollars.

On Tuesday, the city will hear from short-term property owners operating through online services like Airbnb, as well as representatives of condominium groups and the hotel industry.